Hi, I’m Melissa, and my life is straight out of a telenovela—full of stories and unexpected twists. I’m a traveler, avid learner, and polyglot who went from working with oil cargo ships in a small town in Venezuela to running field marketing at one of the top software companies in the world.

Although I was born and raised in Venezuela, I also call Morocco, Spain, and Argentina home—all places I lived before making my way to San Francisco, and now New York. As a Latina and globe trotter, I’m very passionate about translating my personal experiences into advice and help other Latinxs advance their career and see obstacles as opportunities for growth.

I’m a marketer by day and an enthusiastic career coach by night. I’m currently a Field Marketing Manager at MuleSoft, a Salesforce company. I have ten years of experience in B2B software sales and marketing, going from account development in Latinamerica, to being responsible for creating marketing programs that accelerate & generate business for MuleSoft’s East region.

I recently founded Venezolanas in Tech, a community dedicated to inspiring Venezuelans and other Latinas to pursue a career in tech. In my free time, I love to dance, travel with my husband and your camera, and learn new languages.

I’m also very passionate about work-life balance. I think that being Latina is something that has helped me be aware of the importance of having time for family because if I didn’t make it to abuela’s birthday party, I would be in VERY BIG TROUBLE. So, I grew up prioritizing the family moments before work. I learned how you should work to live, not live to work. So, this is something I’m advocating for and trying to help fellow techies (and non-techies) with, to hopefully, help them live a healthier life.