Hi, I’m Melissa. I help latinXs advance their career and advocate work-life balance for all.

It all started when my family and close friends migrated from Venezuela due to the economical and social crisis the country was going through. Most of them had never lived abroad and had no experience or understanding of what the job search process was like. I began helping them with their resumes, interview process, and all things job search related.

It then occurred to me.  Beyond my intimate circle, beyond the Venezuelans migrating, this was something other latinXs could benefit from. So, why not share it more broadly? And that’s when my blog page and personal Instagram became a place where I share career tips, tutorials, and best practices in Spanish.

Work-life balance is something I see people in the tech industry struggle with a lot. I think that being latina is something that has helped me be aware of the importance of having time for family, friends, and yourself. How life is not only work, but so much more. How you should work to live, not live to work. So, this is something I’m trying to help fellow techies (and non-techies) with, to hopefully, help them live a more healthy life.

My goal is to inspire you to pursue your dreams, whether it’s building a career you love, or finding the balance between a successful career and rich life. I’m also going to share a few tips, tricks, and hacks to help you out.

Hola, soy Melissa. Ayudo a latinXs a desarrollarse profesionalmente.