Quick tips for a short visit: Tel Aviv

This is the first of my “Quick tips for a short visit” series and I’m very excited! This is created especially for those people who, like me, want to get quick info on places to visit without too many details, only the necessary for me to know if I’d like it or not. I’m starting with Israel because a friend of mine texted me asking for recommendations for a short five-day work trip, so I might as well make it a post. Now, let’s cut to the chase! Here are 8 things to do during a short trip to Tel Aviv.

  1. Shuk Hacarmel or Carmel Market. I already mentioned this in my first Israel post, but worth sharing it again. Get some souvenirs, try some Halva, taste some local produce, eat Venezuelan-Israeli arepas, or just walk and look. It’s a must!
  2. Old Jaffa. Walk through the little alleys of the Old City and transport yourself to the Ottoman era. The port and city views are also a great reason to come, as well as the Flea Market that opens every day. For a quick lunch, I recommend Falafel Gina, their Sabich and Falafel sandwiches are so good. And as my husband says, “good falafel is the one that’s fried to order” which means it goes into the fryer a minute or two before you order. You can also find them in other locations in the city. If you make Jaffa an afternoon visit, you can stay for cocktails and dinner at Onza, a trendy restaurant whose motto is “Food & Vibe”.
  3. Nahalat Binyamin Street. Another stop I’m recovering from my first post, but again, it’s a must. Also known as the pedestrian mall you’ll find arts and crafts, as well as cafes and restaurants. Stop by Beit Haamudim (the house of columns), a beautiful European-style columned building. It’s a cafe in the day and a live music bar at night. If jazz is your thing, then definitely stay for some drinks and live performances.
  4. Neve Tzedek. LOVE it. Check out my last post to get the deets on this charming neighborhood.
  5. Dizengoff street. Walk it, just walk it. You have a variety of bars, restaurants, cafes, ice cream shops, smoothie shops, to try. A few of my favorites are  Cerveza (enjoy a cold draft if you’re there in a hot summer night, or not summer too), if you’re in the mood for ice cream definitely visit Créme, you’ll thank me later, Café Rova is great to sit outside, have some wine and a light meal. I really liked their artichoke ravioli and their homemade burger, or if you’re watching your diet you can try a natural fruit smoothie at Tamara, I tried the mango, kiwi, pineapple and it was so yummy.
  6. North Tel Aviv.  You have Hayarkon Park which is like their Central Park, and it’s really nice. You can go for an evening stroll to burn off those calories from all you ate earlier, and then make your way to Hudson Brasserie for dinner. This is a meat lover spot, so for my Argentinian friends ( especially Alejandro who I wrote these quick tips for) will want to try it out. I have to tell you, their burgers and carpaccio are in my top 10. If you like live music, check out Zappa which is around the corner for live music performances. This recommendation comes from Eran who worked here during his student years.
  7. Sarona Market. Yes, another market, but this one is a modern indoor version. It’s a foodie’s heaven, a culinary center that has over 90 restaurants to choose from. Oh, just remembering this I got hungry. And while you’re here, if you have a sweet tooth like me, please go to Max Brenner and have a milkshake, they are incredibly good.
  8. Herzliya. This city is 15 minutes from Tel Aviv and is my favorite after Tel Aviv. It’s more suburbian but you can still have some nightlife and things to do. The reason why I love Herzliya? The beach. Although Gordon is nice, it’s too close to the balagan of Tel Aviv for my taste. So during my visits, I come to Hasharon beach which has become my spot, or Arcadia beach. You can enjoy the sound of the sea, rent a chair and order beers from one of the cafes nearby.

You’re all set for a quick visit to Tel Aviv, and the best part is that everything is very close so you can definitely do all this in 4-5 days, all you need is a car. Hope you enjoy your visit!

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