Sayulita, la linda

One of Mexico’s hottest destinations today, Sayulita, is located just 30 miles from the Puerto Vallarta International airport, and it’s somewhere you should definitely visit.

IMG_9965From yoga retreats ( a lot of them) to villa guest houses, to hidden beaches located behind cemeteries, Sayulita did not disappoint. Our trip was a short one, four days, but we were focused on doing only two things: relaxing on the beach and sipping margaritas. So four days worked out pretty well. Of course, as most of my trips, there’s always something that doesn’t go exactly as planned. But that’s what traveling is about, right? A few surprises 🙂

As soon as we landed ( I traveled with my best chica Ashley), I immediately made use of my native Spanish to make arrangements for a taxi. Because of course, the paranoid Venezuelan in me wants to prove that she’s not one you can fool with crazy prices. So I have the great idea of booking a taxi from the companies inside the airport. I spotted a friendly face and proceeded to request the price for a taxi to take us to Sayulita. The friendly man said the service was $20 round-trip, including picking up us the day we had to return to the airport, “Wow, Melissa you nailed a good deal!” I thought. And, our friend José would also include a free massage for both of us if we agreed to do a “quick” tour of a resort close to Sayulita. Free massage? Hell yeah.

IMG_2905José brought us to our hotel in Sayulita, Vista Oceana, and we were officially OOO. Nothing beats changing from jeans into swimsuit and flip-flops, and add to that a nice cold beer. After getting our playa look on, we went to explore the town and head to the beach. Sandy streets, sleepy dogs, and friendly faces welcomed us as we walked by boutiques, restaurants, and art galleries.


We headed directly to Playa Los Muertos, one of Sayulita’s hidden treasures. This little nook of a beach is located past the town’s cemetery and far from the noisy downtown beach. As you enter the cemetery, you see many elaborately decorated graves, and almost all of them are well-maintained, with fresh or artificial flowers. Past the colorful graves, we got to the beach, took our spot and disconnected from the world with a Corona and the sound of the sea.

Massage day had arrived and we were eager to get pampered. José picked us up and we took a 15 min drive to the resort. Once we got there, we were introduced to another friendly fellow who told us we’d do a short tour of the resort and then get our massage. I was still feeling confident it was a good deal, but as I looked at Ashley I noticed this wasn’t going to be fun. And she was right, we toured the resort for two hours  (or more) and then were introduced to another guy who wanted us to literally sign a contract for a time-share. Ugh, it was a time-share tour! So much for getting a great deal Melissa! We lost almost all our morning with a tour of a hotel and then a guy trying to get us to sign for it. We were so fed up that we didn’t even stay for the massage so back to the beach we went!

IMG_9971On the third day, we decided to go to a yoga session. Paraiso Yoga was our spot, and it was perfect! A small cozy tropical setting with an outside yoga studio surrounded by trees and the sound of NOTHING. We did a 1.5-hour session of Yin yoga, which I had never tried, but that I ended up loving. I even fell asleep during the relaxation, priceless! If you visit Sayulita, and like yoga, you should definitely check this place out.

Some of my favorite places to eat in the town were: La Rústica for cocktails and dinner, lunch at Aloha Bar, and tapas at Miro Vino. Four days in Sayulita was good, but I would surely stay longer because there’s so much more to see and do. Next time I’ll make sure to tell José we don’t want the free massage, and we’ll just stick to the taxi ride :).

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