Back to the 90’s in a sunny Seattle

Three days, two coffee junkies with big appetites,  and a list of recommendations to choose from. No easy task, but we were determined.

When I think of Seattle—and I know this happens to several of my friends—only one thing comes to mind: Grey’s Anatomy. Honestly, this tv drama gave more popularity to the city than Pearl Jam or Nirvana. And what did you see on almost every episode of the series? ( Besides McDreamy) Rain. Rain. And more, rain. It turns out, that is what 200 or so days of the year look like in Seattle, but I was able to discover it under a bright blue summer sky. (Beginner’s luck!)

We had our check list in terms of things we wanted to do, and they were:  coffee, food, cocktails, and live music. Anything else was a bonus.


The first item on the list: Coffee. As many, boyfriend and I LOVE our coffee. We love it so much that we carry Turkish coffee with us when we travel, because, you don’t find good coffee everywhere (right?). He loves Turkish, I love guayoyo, we both enjoy a good latte, so of course, this was a must. We also try to stay away from the “tourist traps” as he so nicely branded, so we are more inclined to friend’s recommendations. Our coffee spots during this trip were: Espresso Vivace, Anchorhead, and of course, Starbucks Reserve Roastery ( we had to do this tourist trap without a doubt!).


Food. I have to say, nothing we had disappointed me. From entrees to desserts, we nailed it with this item on our check list. Once again, we followed our best practice of friend’s recommendations, plus a little internet research as well. Here’s the list, so curated and proved, that you will not be sorry, I promise!

  • Brunch: Oddfellows Café & Bar. An Adorable setting, with tables outside, and great music.
  • Dinner:
    • Sushi Kashiba, high scale sushi bar. BEST fish I’ve ever had. The black cod in butter is a must. And as a plus, the waiter had a radio host soothing voice that hypnotized us everytime he explained the courses.
    • The Walrus & the Carpenter. Just dreamy. This spot was on both of our recommendation lists, so even more of a reason to check it out. Located in Ballard (definitely my favorite neighborhood in Seattle), this restaurant offers light but very tasty dinner options. It will make you want to eat oysters even if you hate shellfish. But, even if this is not your fancy, you can try our favorites, fried oysters, and beef tartare, yum! Oh, and again, great music!
    • Café Campagne. This downtown fav is located in the popular Post Alley, and has outside tables to enjoy when the weather is nice. My recommendation: The Petit Bucherondin de Chévre salad. I literally did not need anything else besides this—except a cold Belgium draft =)
  • Sweets! My favorite food of all. From ice creams to donuts, Seattle just pampered my sweet tooth to levels I did not expect. Must try:


Although the food and drinks were amazing, there was something else that I loved the most in Seattle. The music! Every restaurant, bar, coffee shop had classics from the 70’s,80’s, and of course—90’s playing. I felt I was in a different era! But even though I was dying to find a place that had bands playing Nirvana covers, we spent our last night in the city listening to Jazz, at Dimitriou’s Jazz Alley. We were very lucky, without a reservation, we got a table to enjoy some drinks and a great performance by funky sax man Maceo Parker.

For 3 days and 3 nights, there’s so much you can enjoy if you visit Seattle. We had a blast!

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